HumidifierHub planning and implementation of air humidification are becoming increasingly important in print shops to achieve perfect print products. The whole thing is carried by ever-increasing demands on the climatic conditions of the ambient air, which directly influences the quality of prints. In addition, air humidification in printing houses brings further improvements that benefit the economy.

Beneficial benefits of air humidification in the printing industry

Demands on air humidification in the printing industry are increasing linearly with the growing demands of the industry. Printing processes are changing, printing speeds are increasing and deadlines are growing. More and more complex printing processes, coatings, embossing prints and all further processing put a lot of strain on the quality of the ambient air. This has a direct effect on the indoor climate and not least on the print material to be processed. If the air is too dry, too humid or if the room temperature fluctuates greatly, paper sheets and rolls of paper can tear or take on a crumpled appearance. This can be prevented with an optimized air humidity.
At the same time, the indoor climate with balanced humidity plays a key role in the efficiency, occupational safety and well-being of the employees. Overheated machines, dusty air and rising sick leave can be avoided.
In summary, you benefit from precisely these advantages in the printing industry with exactly designed air humidification:

Preservation of paper quality for consistent quality printed products

  • Reduction of waste during printing
  • Efficient machine cycle times
  • Avoidance of frequent and longer maintenance intervals
  • Improving the indoor climate for employees and safety
  • Electrostatic charges caused by friction also make printing presses difficult, which can be minimized by appropriate air humidification in all areas of the printing industry.

Recommendations for air humidification in print shops

Air humidification in printers always requires careful planning of the humidification system used. Paper is a fragile material that retains its optimal properties only with precisely measured air humidity.
We specialize in air humidification in printers and have developed special systems for the requirements of the printing industry. You will receive our expert support right from the planning phase and then we will reliably implement the right solution for you. Our experienced technicians are well versed in gravure printing, digital printing, screen printing and offset and will offer you exactly what your individual printing processes need.

Here you can see 2 exemplary solutions for recommended air humidification in print shops:

Supply humidifiers are:

  • integrable into existing air conditioning systems,
  • equipped with a precisely balanced nozzle
  • available with control technology.

Room atomizer MOBIVENT:

  • is quick to install and mobile to use,
  • does not require external supply lines,
  • has fans with ranges up to 25 meters.

Talk to us about your concerns and get professional advice. Our experts are happy to take care of the optimal humidification in your printing house!