In the electronics sector, professional humidification is of particular importance, so that sensitive components can be adequately and safely processed into end products. A well-balanced indoor climate with precisely measured humidity is the benchmark for ideal work environments in all areas of electronics. In addition, humidification in the electronics sector bears a not inconsiderable responsibility for occupational safety.

Safe benefits from humidification in electronics manufacturing

There is no area in electronics manufacturing that should not be equipped with air humidification. For the production and processing of electronic components, such as circuit boards, semiconductors or SMD components, a low-dust room climate is always needed. Otherwise, there will be unwanted contamination in electronic products, resulting in poor performance and inefficient manufacturing processes. Also relevant is the protection against electrostatics. Only in antistatic environments, consequential damage to components and equipment can be avoided.

For an optimal production environment, the room air must be set to a room climate with a constant 60 percent relative humidity. This measure binds in the air swirling dust particles and ensures the rapid dissipation of resulting electrical charges. The controlled humidity forms a fine moisture film on the electronic parts, which makes their surface conductive and safely defuses dangerous static charges.
Regulated air humidity also provides valuable service under working conditions, as it prevents the formation of dry air. Thus, there is no dehydration of mucous membranes and the occurrence of respiratory diseases and disease losses is minimized.

In summary, with precisely controlled humidification in electronics production, you can achieve these safe advantages:

  • Preservation of a dust-free room climate for the production of high-quality electronics
  • Prevention of electrostatic charges and defective productions
  • Strengthening occupational safety and production efficiency
  • Increase of health and well-being in the workplace

Another convincing advantage of air humidification is that it eliminates the need for troublesome grounding cables in electronics manufacturing and allows employees unrestricted freedom of movement.

Recommendations for air humidification in electronics areas

In order for air humidification in electronics areas to actually achieve safe and efficient effects, the planning of an exactly measured air humidity is necessary. Excessively high humidity would reverse the positive effects and make useless inadequate humidification.
For targeted and accurate use in electronics manufacturing, we have developed special humidification systems that are optimally matched to the local requirements.

Here are two sample solutions for the recommended humidification in electronics areas:

Complete system MOBIVENT is:

  • mobile and space saving,
  • installed in a few seconds ready for use,
  • Ideal for production areas from 200 to 2,000 square meters or more.

High pressure mist system with nozzle lances:

  • is quietly usable in electronic laboratories,
  • reaches fog distribution up to 18 meters in radius,
  • is suitable for very large areas from 300 sqm.

Please contact us with your request. We advise you on the best solution for the humidification of your electronics area and support you in the professional implementation!