More and more customers are looking for a shopping experience in a feel-good atmosphere. Optimum humidity contributes decisively to a pleasant room climate, in which one likes to stay and thus longer. Both buyers and sellers are more active and motivated in the matter.

Who does not know: When entering a shop or in the locker room electrostatic charges cause unpleasant electric shocks. The reason for this is usually too low air humidity (<50% rh). Regulated air humidification helps. Humidified room air dissipates tensions faster so that surfaces do not even charge with higher voltages.


Hygroscopic products that quickly exchange moisture with their environment require appropriate humidity control to maintain their freshness, quality or function. Examples are fresh food, paper, and stationery, furniture or musical instruments.

Note: Why Humidifier needs in Shopping malls?

In the air conditioning of large shopping centers, the needs of individual shops and markets make special demands on the control of the humidification systems. Depending on the products offered, different climate zones must exist in a building complex created. In an electronics market, there is usually a different feel-good climate than in an adjacent food market, which offers fresh fruit and vegetables open in the display. A high energy transfer is necessary. Adiabatic humidification systems are an energy-efficient solution that can significantly reduce the operating costs of a building complex. In the meantime, operating and ancillary costs have become an important decision criterion when renting commercial space. An efficient and sustainable use of resources makes an object attractive for new tenants.


The advantages of air humidification in shopping centers at a glance:

  • Creating comfort zones to increase customer shopping motivation
  • Lower sickness for sales staff due to the healthier indoor environment
  • Quality assurance through the protection of sensitive products
  • Protection against electrostatic charge
  • High energy efficiency in the air conditioning of the different rooms
  • Increase in object value and attractiveness for commercial tenants