The performance of employees essentially depends on motivation, concentration and health aspects. A healthy room climate with the optimal humidity provides the ideal basis and additionally saves energy costs. Humans perceive a relative humidity of 40-60% as pleasant. Already at a value of less than 50% relative humidity (RH), the mucous membranes begin to dry out, and susceptibility to, for example, colds, increases.

Why Humidifier in office and conference rooms Problem Solution & Advantages?


Humidified room air binds dust particles much better than dry ones. The reduced dust deposits and air turbulence can have a positive effect on any respiratory problems in people with allergies or asthma. Depending on the season, rooms must either be cooled or heated. Immediate effects on the relative humidity in conference rooms are created, which creates a need for regulation. Adiabatic humidification systems provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. In areas and times when rooms are exposed to high heat load from outside or inside, fine aerosols in the room air remove heat energy and thus ensure energy-efficient cooling performance. If the relative humidity decreases in heating phases, moisture is added to the air via the same system.


The advantages of air humidification in office and conference rooms at a glance:

  • Lower sickness due to a healthier indoor climate
  • The increase of efficiency and improved well-being of employees
  • Less dust in office and conference rooms
  • Protection against electrostatic charge
  • High energy efficiency in the air conditioning of the different rooms