If man feels well, he is more receptive and concentrated in the matter. In rooms with a lot of people, however, individuals soon experience a feeling of tiredness. A control of the humidity can help here.


If the air is too dry, people release moisture from their water balance into the environment. The result is a dehydration of the skin, lips and eyes, which has a quick and immediate effect on human well-being . The function of the mucous membranes in the airways diminishes, and the body is less protected against bacteria and viruses.

Moisturizing the indoor air thus provides a healthier learning and working environment for students, lecturers and staff in universities.


The advantages of air humidification in universities at a glance:

  • The lower sickness of students, lecturers, and staff
  • Less dust in the room air in lecture theaters and technical operating rooms
  • Improvement of the university in the ranking
  • Protection against electrostatic charge
  • High energy efficiency in the air conditioning of the different rooms